About Us..

We’re all about having fun and making you laugh.
At Surprisingly Adequate Events our main goal is to make you chuckle and enjoy yourself. We provide a unique and utterly hilarious experience, so much so that you’ll be wanting to come back over and over again.

We pride ourselves on hosting exciting and entertaining events and shows; providing unforgettable moments for you and your friends. We understand that we are all sociable people and bringing you together with your favourite pals to have a laugh is of the utmost importance to us.
Surprisingly Adequate believes in creating experiences that excite and inspire through the use of music and comedy. Ultimately, we believe our success comes from the enjoyment shown on your faces at one of our exclusive events.

We are committed to providing you with a night of enjoyment, escapism and chaos.
We are Surprisingly Adequate.

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If you want any more information or want to enquire with us about how we can brighten up your next event, email us at info@saevents.co.uk